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Drawing-up your own business in Singapore? Exquisite choice! Singapore is one of Asia's most bustling business hubs for company formation, an island ripe with opportunity for all who come seeking for it. Our team at UPVUE asserts you the guidance with the foremost ways to register your start-up:

Our Process

When you're ready to proceed we invite you to follow the below 5 easy steps. We will then work with you to have the company incorporated within one working day or even few hours (Provided all KYC & incorporation documents requested are in order and the application of company name does not need any approval from the relevant authorities).


Discovery meeting

Contact us via the contact form or give us a line at +65 696 996 22 or Whatsapp us at +65 821 883 65 to clarify your requirements with us.

Fill up form

Just take 10 minutes to fill up our Google Form here. The details are necessary for us to prepare the incorporation forms in the next steps and to register your company with ACRA.


Incorporation documents

We check if your preferred name is available. And prepare the documents required for incorporation: Consent form, registers, share application and other incorporation for your Digital Signature. Everything is via Online only!


Filing and Bizfile

Upon receipt of signed forms, customers due diligence documents and incorporation fee, we will register your company with ACRA viz Bizfile. The Business Profile and Constitution will be saved in our Dropbox to be shared with you and our Cloud Dashboard for you to login and extract easily.

Handle statutory compliances

It is mandatory to submit annual return to ACRA and tax return to IRAS every year. Our accounting team will go through with you on the documents required for good accounting record-keeping, prepare Xero and FRS reports, prepare your tax return and file them with ACRA and IRAS.

We also proactively advise on best tax strategies. Tax calculations are vitally important to your business, not only for compliance but also to minimize your tax bill.

Our Incorporation Package for Locals

We will get your company registered, advice you on the things to take note after incorporation, and help open a bank account online!

For Locals

one-time fee

Company Incorporation + Unlimited Corporate Secretary
Not included: Compliance Package - Accounting & Taxation starting from $1,200/year

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Top Features
  • Free Incorporation Services
What do I Get?
  • S$315 Name Application and Company Incorporation Fee to ACRA
  • Company Name Reservation
  • Company Constitution
  • Filing with ACRA
  • Unlimited number of resolutions: e.g., change in officers, registered address, business activity, company name or distribution of shares
  • Unlimited share transfer (exclude share transfer stamp duty fee to IRAS)
  • Routine annual filing & AGM preparation
  • S$60 annual filing to ACRA
Add-on Packages:

Frequently Asked Questions:

For Singaporeans

Incorporation is the legal process used to form a corporate entity or company. A corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners (shareholders).

This part of the process can take less than an hour unless you want to use special words (like bank, finance, law, media) that need special approval. In that case, it might take a few days.

Otherwise, upon receipt of all signed incorporation documents and your IC or passport copy with proof of address documents, your company can be incorporated in less than 1 hour!

Permits and licenses

Some of the businesses are controlled by government authorities in the country. Therefore, you will need to obtain approval from relevant government authorities and provide them to start your business. For example, you will need to have a government-approved permit to set up a retail business, wholesale business, import business, childcare center, private school, money lending business, financial advisory service, liquor distributor business, travel agency or a video company.

Registered office address and hours

You will need to have a registered address for the business. In addition to that, you need to make sure that your business is open to the public at least for three hours during weekdays.

Registration number

You should obtain a registration number for your business from ACRA. It should be on all the invoices, letterheads, bills and other official documents you print.

Custom registration

If your business is engaged with imports and exports, you will need to have custom registration as well. To do that, you should register the business with Singapore Customers and get a CR number.

Goods and Services Tax Registration

Goods and Services Tax, which is also known as GST tax is applied to all the goods and services within the country. You will also need to pay this tax for the goods and services that are imported into the country and that are exported out of the company. All the businesses in Singapore to sign up for GST. You can do it voluntarily as well.

Registration with Central Provident Fund

Central Provident Fund, which is also known as CPF is the pension fund scheme, where both employee and employer will contribute a specific percentage of the monthly salary. An employer must contribute towards CPF. On the other hand, employees who earn over $50 per month should contribute to it as well.

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