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Note: Please do NOT include any suffix in the proposed entity name e.g. Pte. Ltd., Limited, LLP. For more information on the different business structures, please Click Here.

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Information Required for those engaging UpVue's nominee director services (As required under ACRA's Guidelines) If you are a foreigner and do not have any Singapore resident directors, you may engage our nominee director services. Please skip if you have your own local resident director.

For foreigner who engaged our nominee director services, kindly upload following documents - Personal documents i.e bank reference letter (see Sample bank reference letter)/recent personal bank statement issued within the last 2 months/Resume/CV - Existing business documents i.e company web site, brochure, certificate of incorporation, business profile, company bank statement, latest financial statement - For those under employment, attach the information about their current occupation i.e. confirmation letter/testimonial from current employer/employment contract and latest notice of personal income tax assessment - Other Nominee Director documents (if any)

If a CEO or equivalent position will be appointed, please provide name, identification number, residential address, nationality, contact number and email address (please also provide supporting documents).

Kindly upload the following documents - Scan Copy of NRIC, Work Pass, Passport, Resume, Proof of residential address (if any) - Corporate Shareholder's Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association/Constitution, Business Profile, and Proof of registered address, corporate chart/structure, details of the corporate representative(s) together with written documents such as a Board Resolution showing among others the subscription of shares, percentage of shareholdings in the Singapore company, appointment of any representative as director in the Singapore company, the appointment of the corporate representative and the authorisation given by the corporate shareholder(s) to the director, if any, and the corporate representative(s) and etc. - Address proof of Singapore registered office address (if any) - For Trust – Copy of Trust Deed containing name and administrative address of the Trust, copy of NRIC/passport, proof of residential address and resume of settlor(s), trustee(s), beneficiary(ies), protector(s), investment manager(s), etc. - Other documents (if any)

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