Our Story

Who is UpVue?

UpVue was a name that inspired who we are and what we represent.

Vue being a French word for Vision, we strive to up our client's business efficiency, time, profits, and level of happiness with dependable financial expertise. UpVue is the place where accounting and the latest tech work together to ensure the financial success that your business deserves. We continue to shake up the market filled with traditional accountants by providing modern and efficient bookkeeping services at affordable prices. Your accounts shouldn't remain a mystery to you. We understand how it works, but we want you to get it too. It's not about who is smarter, we don't intend to amaze you with our knowledge (although that could happen).

It's about your progress.


We believe that accounting done correctly is vital for any business keen to reach its goals.

Unfortunately, many companies still rely on outdated accounting practices that cost a lot of time and a ton of money.

  • At UpVue we look to understand where a business currently is and where it aspires to be in the future. Our task is to make sure the finance system of that business can sustain and achieve those business objectives.
  • By collecting the best financial data through the latest technology, we can provide suitable strategies that help you achieve peace of mind when it comes to your business while also saving you an unwanted trip to the tax abyss.

Meet our Team of UpVue

Nicole Lau

Nicole Ho

Founder at UpVue Pte. Ltd.

 B.Commerce | CPA Australia
 Over 15+ years of Accounting & Auditing experiences
 Focused on cloud tools, business happiness, transparency & company culture.
 When she is not busy helping to grow your business, she is busy baking and doing yoga : )

Rakesh M Pujary

Rakesh M Pujary

Co-Founder at UpVue Pte. Ltd.

Rakesh is a motivated and results driven HR professional with an impeccable service record of over 20-years in the Asia Pacific region. He is well versed with diverse HR activities including integration resulting from M&A, business reorganization, and implementation of strategic rightsizing initiatives. He brings with him a diversified experience of leading HR functions for businesses employing up to 500 professionals.

Inconsolable with your Accountant? We have an Ameliorated Option.

Our transpicuous expedition is to assist you in your business start-up and wing up accounting and bookkeeping activities for your small scale business.

Behind every good business, there is a virtuous accountant; Accounting is often referred to as "Language of Business". It is a means of communicating financial information to different users for decision making. Impoverished financial management is one of the elementary causes for the omission of a small-scale business. To circumvent this omission, we are here to uplift your business and handle your accountancy.

An investment in an impeccable accountant always pays the best interest.


We have a troupe of aficionado members who can indubitably elevate your business by our phenomenal accounting services which will eventually economize your time and money too. With a vision to enhance your productivity in business, we are delivering our customized accounting and bookkeeping solutions.


  • We keep track of the cash flow. To prevent your business cash flow from running dry, we implement policies for efficient record-keeping and a sound financial strategy.
  • Helps you detect and avoid frauds and theft by customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • We analyze the financial data and determine areas for improvement. This is crucial for the long-term health of the business.
  • We will help you during tax season as accountants can identify potential deductions.

To excel more in your business, our team is ready to expedite the fruition in your every project. Our skillful accountants are ready to deliver the superlative services to you and help you with ensuring distinguished outputs!!!!

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